Up! @ Taksu

"Up!" capitalises on upcoming local artists, a few whom recently participated in House of Matahati exhibitions.  Each artist presents two works, with the exception of the relatively senior Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj, who contributed a pop-art painting in his signature stencil style.  Ed Roger takes advantage of this quota to create two large atlases made from computer keyboards, one with a black land mass and the other white. The flimsiness of this installation (some letters are falling out) only adds onto the social commentary, a reflection of our livelihood in this global, digitalised, and idealogical world.

Sabihis - Kingdom of Humanity (2013)

Another great depiction of duality is a woodcut and its adjoining print by Sabihis, manipulating binaries with thoughtfully incised lines.  Triangular motifs form the central figure's reptilian skin, where Liliputian figures scurry around this divine character. Seah Zelin's 'Rise' includes a welcome injection of crimson, perhaps a hint on his future development.  "Up!" serves up the opportunity for curator, artist, and collector alike, to convene on a makeshift platform before trudging on, towards the inexorable search for the next big thing.

Seah Zelin - Rise (2013)