SAGE Residency III @ HOM Art Trans

Plain and boring paintings by the Indonesian participants, contrasts with the Filipino works - Mervin Pimentel's 'Spoiled Saliva' is gross with rottenness and decay, but the painted folds & wrinkles reveal a skilled artist; Guenivere Decena's mirror image of a naked lady pondering life's questions is an outstanding work, its sinuous background linking a duality that projects a third dimension outwards to the viewer.

Guenivere Decena - Breaking Waves (2013)

Malaysian representative Seah Zelin paints his fellow residents and a chair, but a most striking insight into his work process is presented in 'Face of Phases'. The triptych displays a self portrait that starts with a black drawing, then layered with whites that emphasise form and texture in Zelin's signature style.

Seah Zelin - Face of Phases (2012)