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Everlasting Love @ Rimbun Dahan

Azliza Ayob ends her year-long residency at Rimbun Dahan – which includes her family moving in together – with an incredibly well-balanced exhibition , the lush surroundings providing both inspiration and contextual background to one whose works often comment upon consumer culture. Themes that emerge include personal interpretation (celebration and self-doubt), and formal representation (modernism and craft), which utilised medium is a significant factor in creating this plurality within art forms. Entering the basement gallery, one is greeted by stunning constructs made from PET bottles, although the artist’s acrylic paintings and collages in her characteristic surreal glittery style manage to hold its own remarkably well. Blessings (2016) The exhibition begins with a decidedly incisive presentation. Wall attachments such as ‘Passion’ (a giant red bunga raya), and ‘Shield’ (with its feather-like leaves/petals) invoke a Koons-like wonder at the meticulous craft involved, yet