Good Earth @ Galeri PETRONAS

How bad can an exhibition featuring works by Raja Shahriman, Multhalib Musa, Bibi Chew, Sharmiza Abu Hassan, Eric Peris, and Soraya Yusof Talismail, (the list goes on) be? Galeri PETRONAS plumbs into new depths of irreverence, with an exhibition statement that propagates aesthetic perfection, and one curator who contradicts himself in a cringe-worthy radio interview. Even after feigning illiteracy, I squint at sculptural details and glaring reflections from photographic exhibits, as spotlights render outstanding individual artworks illegible. For an exhibition that “explores the indefinable energy of creativity”, the gallery should just arrange for a lighting makeover and install additional ambient lights. No need to reimagine energy, if one cannot see properly.

Installation snapshot [picture taken from Galeri PETRONAS Instagram page]