MARANG Experiments in Colour 1952-70 Pt 1 @ Modern Art Transact

After admiring the precise compositions and abstract sandscapes in photographs of a famous coastal area, one has to ask – why did Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah not develop these coloured Ektachrome slides during his lifetime? The current custodian of Sultan Ismail’s archive made it known that Photoshop was utilised to equalise faded colours and remove unsavoury stains. Which makes appreciating these pictures an interesting experience – was this red head scarf as vivid now as then? Are the faint lines among the sand an original design or a current development? How many authors are there in each photograph? Notwithstanding conceptual concerns, looking at the output of this pioneering Malaysian photographer remains hugely enjoyable, as I await the subsequent follow-on exhibitions.

Installation snapshot