Like Someone In Love @ Lostgens'

Moving on from an intuitive art-making approach to a rigorous execution of formal theory, chi too maintains his signature trait of sentimentalism, through the choice of medium and titles. Bubble wrap is commonly used to protect valuables like paintings, but in switching the utility of objects, a transformation of value is achieved. The nondescript plastic grid is utilised but its air pockets - the purpose of the item's manufacture - is punctured and filled with acrylic paint. Composition and narrative are forsaken in favour of illustrating theory, the chromatic designs made with reference to Josef Albers' Interaction of Colour. The contrary applies to pricing, which now becomes a quantitative assessment instead of a qualitative one, quoted at seventy cents per paint-filled air pocket.

Like Someone In Love #10 (2014)

Inconsistent fillings in the dots when viewed up close, presume a standard volume of injected paint, and are likely caused by the different chemical make up in paints of differing hues. This mechanical process - along with its deficiencies - seems to fulfil intrinsic needs, of an artist whose output is typically reactive, or requires reaction. Despite its unassuming visuals, this exhibition presents intelligent creations, which diverging approach may prove invaluable in chi too's artistic growth. The transformation of value is made more apparent in an unexpected event, when two works were damaged; something used to protect fragile items is now rendered fragile (do the artworks now cost less?). Harder to keep than paintings, the bubble wrap can now resume its original intended function as three-dimensional wallpaper. Pop Art, anyone?

Close-up captures from "Like Someone In Love"