Hanging @ R A Fine Arts

Strolling past the gallery, an eye-catching work by Mustapa Ibrahim draws one in, ‘Bahasa Gerak Badan (Diptych)’ a wonderful tribute to fellow Anak Alam member Zulkifli Dahalan. Hung beside is a beautiful rendition of the National Art Gallery’s former site, Mansor Ghazali’s oil painting a captivating scene with dark clouds overhead. Brilliant turquoise sets off the illustration of one breastfeeding mother, Yusof Abdullah’s simple lines capturing the expression of practical tenderness. Above average works by established painters like Yusof Ghani and Bayu Utomo Radjikin are also on display, this selling collection superior to the typical auction house holdings. Replications of celebrity photographs aside, Jalaini Abu Hassan’s ‘Fish and Tree’ recalls a time when the artist employed collage and abstraction, yet his signature style of utilising bitumen and drips were already obvious. 

Yusof Abdullah - Ibu (1979)