Suarasa 2 @ Segaris

UiTM alumni gather post-Eid to showcase its diversity, regardless that most artists still hold on faithfully to their established styles. Fascinating insect prints by Abdul Mansoor Ibrahim deserve a second look, while obvious political commentaries are thankfully few. A children theme crops up in a number of works, notably in Mastura Abdul Rahman's green playpen collage, and Fauzulyusri's new body of work that feature enlarged exercise book squares. Naïveté drawings still rule the latter, where the infusion of harmonious colours, capture a joyful snapshot of childhood. Exercise book pages also appear in the background of Fauzin Mustafa's 'Muka Bermuka', where the inclusion of celebrity images and cryptic symbols, seem to comment about the growing-up pains of a Malaysian. Invasive hands extend the warmly-painted central motif, imbuing a great sense of volume within horizontal borders.

Fauzin Mustafa - Muka Bermuka (2013)