Jelas Abstrak @ Morne Art Gallery

Another head scratching Malay title, with a baffling introduction about "unlocking the artist's potential to view things differently though the gates of abstraction". This new gallery has a large space done up as a ubiquitous white box, its sterile environment brighten up by Samsudin Wahab's light installation. Suddin Lappo disappoints with lacklustre paintings of horses, while Edroger Rosli's 'Games' are as uninspiring as the Rubik cube it is inspired by. Amongst the haze, Hushinaidi Abdul Hamid's "Taffakur" paintings display interesting colour blocks and a clear narrative, as one hopes that senseless art exhibition titles remain in the land of bad dreams.

Hushinaidi Abdul Hamid - Taffakur 1 & 2 (2013)