T.I.G.A @ NN Gallery

Unsure how Fazli Othman's rubbish collector in orange coveralls will make one conscientious, I turn to the metallic constructs of Ahmad Fauzi for aesthetic solace. Rebars are harsh materials by association with the construction sector, but its reinforcing function affirms the solidity within these works. Visibly attractive is the 'Black Hole', an improvised exploration of the wonderful ceaseless form of a circle. 'Berhimpit' invokes the vicissitude of growth and decay; 'Benteng' is a quirky take on the fort, its small size and crimson paint questioning the relevance of such structures. A significant work in progress worth appreciating is 'Mencari', a wall installation that recalls Piet Mondrian's search for natural beauty in composition.

Ahmad Fauzi - Mencari (2013)