Snippets: Q2 2013

Amongst the stable of artists in Richard Koh Fine Art, is the landscape master Wong Perng Fey. Executed during the artist's residency in China, the lucid colours and confident strokes in this work, imbues the abstract subject with an urgency that wakes its dormant state.

Wong Perng Fey - The Palm II (2013)

The re-elected Malaysian prime minister commented on a "Chinese Tsunami", after he secured another term for the ruling coalition, immediately reducing him to an imbecile governing with a minority vote. Many local artists have made politically-significant statements in the past, including Ismail Zain, whose work at NVAG I was reminded of upon hearing that seditious remark.

Ismail Zain - Anak Tionghua (1967)

RA Fine Arts rode the General Elections fever by organising "Mera'i Demokrasi", an exhibition anchored by Suhaimi Fadzir's mixed media political works. The 'RAMLAN' portraits pick on a popular election prediction, pasted with controversial articles by pro-government newspapers, providing a stark commentary on the ruling coalition and its primary component party UMNO. Quirky yet sarcastic pictorial representations of this sentiment are echoed in the "Berebut Kerusi" series, featuring elements that are unmistakably Suhaimi's.

Suhaimi Fadzir - Berebut Kerusi (GE13 & Dragonfruit) (2013)