Pulse: Foreign / Masterpieces

Having seen thousands of artworks over 3 weeks, I feel enlightened but equally exhausted just trying to filter through the strong sentiments, gathered from (re)visiting a few cities and their museums / galleries.  An especially sobering moment came before my return flight, when I stepped foot into the Malaysian Airlines lounge at Heathrow, and see a couple of Ismail Mat Hussin's batik works depicting kampong life.  "Is this the best we can come up with?" was the impulsive thought, but upon sitting down I knew my expectations was an unrealistic one.

Zhong Zhengchuan - Peace, 无争

Indonesian art auctioneer Masterpiece made its Malaysian début during my sojourn, amassing an astounding 160 works for sale.  Malaysian paintings form the majority in this catalogue, with significant holdings of Penang-based artists, Chinese ink scrolls, and two delightful bronze sculptures by Heng Eow Lin.  Securing a remarkable sales rate of 98%, including the high-priced works of deceased artists Ibrahim Hussein, Hendra Gunawan and Lee Man Fong, there is no doubt Masterpiece will make its return to our shores.

Ng Bee - Forest (2010)