Not for Sale @ White Box

"Not for Sale" exhorts artists and collectors to exhibit in public a personal artwork, which they have no intention of selling (for now).  A-list artists like Jalaini Abu Hassan and Ahmad Zakii Anwar display pivotal works significant to their respective careers, while others generously offer sketchbooks to allow a peek into their thought process.  Statement works by Gan Chin Lee and Marvin Chan denote a strong social conscience, while Izan Tahir's lip-smacking papier-mâché masks are probably too irresistible for the artist to part with.

Nazli Aziz - Malaysia Airlines (1972) / Fauzul Yusri - Once Upon A Time (2006)

The interesting works exhibited are mostly from collectors, as they narrate the significance of some very personal choices.  Intriguing stories lie behind the loaned pieces by Vincent Sim and Joshua Lim - the former a touching tale of respect and belief, and the mysterious coincidence of a missing Chang Fee Ming painting in the latter.  Local director U-Wei Haji Shaari presented three theatre posters that never got printed, the third linocut particularly attractive with its framed snapshot and cryptic gate.

Riaz Ahmad Jamil - Main Api (2001)

RuPé collectors Pakhruddin and Fatimah Sulaiman chose a fascinating unfinished work by Amron Omar, a beautiful figurative painting that comments on western influence in the local psyche.  Gallery owner Valentine Wille contributed a questionable installation, that harbours a sad tale from Thai artist Montien Boonma.  Nazli Aziz from Galeri Chandan picked a fascinating pair of aeroplane paintings, one he painted as a child, the other a gift by Fauzul Yusri of the same theme.  Overall, an interesting insight into the choices of art collectors, although I do have my reservations if they will ever exhibit their most personal pieces.

Amron Omar - Di Bebuai Mimpiku Mentari Bersinar Terang (1991)