Malaysian Art Auction III Preview @ KL Lifestyle Art Space

The ambitious gallery trudges on in with the third edition of its art auction, featuring many sketches, and works in underwhelming conditions.  10% of artworks are from the past 3 years, not including 7 undated pieces.  Collectors look to cash in on Yusof Ghani and Khalil Ibrahim, while the organizers tempt potential Asian investors with an early lithograph by auction house favourite Zao Wou-Ki.

Khoo Sui Hoe - The Wedding 1 (1980)

Instead of promoting Ibrahim Hussein and Latiff Mohidin each time, Malaysian art auction organisers should recognise logical groupings in the works being offered, and promote artistic merit when the opportunity arises.  Three accomplished and distinct pieces from Khoo Sui Hoe provide a good avenue to display the artist's portfolio - a fauvist palette complements the mysterious portraits in 'The Wedding 1', perspective and texture take centre stage in 'Clouds over the Rocks', and child-like drawings represent the 'Innocence Series'.

Fauzul Yusri - Pamah - Titian Lembah (2001)

Naiveté lines appear also in Fauzul Yusri's pair of dark Lembah Bujang temples, contrasting with the vivid colours on 'Pamah - Titian Lembah', where Fauzul's signature mark-making techniques are already evident.  Two abstract pieces by Awang Damit Ahmad are on the block - 'Childhood Memory' displays a raw emotion that is consistently powerful as part of the "Essence of Culture" series, and 'Kemarau' evokes thirst from its viewer with dry/cracked soil colours.

Awang Damit Ahmad - EOC - Childhood Memory (1993)

A delightful set of re-arranged photographs by Nadiah Bamadhaj, highlight the irony of urban development in a cheeky manner.  Like previous auctions, this collection is a mixed bag with limited goodies, and it is up to the discerning bidder to assess an artwork's value before the hammer strikes.  Also, the gallery should permanently fix its regular website downtime, to be seen that they do take their auction business seriously.

Nadiah Bamadhaj - Journey to the Interior 1 (2007)