Coreng @ Taksu

Perception drives a reality, where the creative mind reacts to this reality with a multi-tiered response, that is formal and scientific in its experimental approach.  Fauzul Yusri is one such visual artist, who reacts to the environment, but remains clear-headed about his artistic progression, without veering away unnecessarily from an established style.

Kroni (2012)

Political gibberish and deference to power, are the obvious themes on display as one enters the living hall area.  Dark ugly figures are surrounded by random floating objects, where the occasional vibrant colour emerges from an underlying layer of paint, via Fauzul's signature scratching technique.  Tubes of colours stack atop each other like lizard shit, that form the tiny brain within 'Ketua Kata'.  This approach towards creating texture, makes use of the medium's quality to diffract light and create an active body, used to represent a figure's heart within this series.

Mimpi Jadi Star (2012)

'Mimpi Jadi Star' is a delightful landscape of a sleeping dreamer, her passionate heart contrasting with the mild tones of the moon, and a grey-green night.  A welcome respite from the dirty figures portrayed in the space before, one gets to appreciate the artist's exceptional handling of oil paints, as seen on the scar at the girl's knee, and the ribbons on her sleeping gown.  The gentle irony depicted also balances out, the strong social commentaries in the "Jelata" and 'Si Jelita' pictures, forlorn figures that linger at the edges of society.
Close-ups in the "Coreng" series

The majestic 'Character' completes this exhibition, where a Picasso-like figure demarcates the visual space, unveiling the compartmentalised mind and persona of the artist's ideal protagonist.  This search for perfection in the imperfect lines and thick oil impastos, marks another progression in Fauzul Yusri's primitive works.

Character (2012)