Work on Paper @ University of Malaya Art Gallery

Taking a stroll inside the compounds of Universiti Malaya, it was refreshing listening to the sights & sounds of chirping students, and smiling administrators.  The enthusiasm of youth is even more evident in the art gallery, where students are encouraged to create their own works to supplement the solo exhibition by Yusof Gajah, one of the resident artist on campus.

Student creations at the exhibition

Yusof made his name with the elephant theme, and it is amazing how a single subject can be represented in a wide array of painterly preferences.  The gallery exhibited a large number of works and featured many themes - dark & fantastical, experimental perspectives, black & white ink paintings, small round works, cute watercolours.

The "Alphabet" series was exhibited in a small room, where creative depictions of alphabets and words facilitate children's learning.  Another section of colourful paintings collectively rally for preservation, be it preservation of the forests, a heritage, or of colour itself.

"Alphabet" series (2012)

Charming and enchanting are the best words to describe this exhibition, a reminder from the veteran artist, that a simple drawing and colourful forms, are enough to bring joy to our hearts.

Jalan Jalan Bawa Rumah (2012)