The Women @ Wei-Ling Contemporary

A sea of bold colours greet the visitor into Yau Bee Ling's "The Women", a personal expression of womanhood in this contemporary world.  Four large landscapes occupy the space, none more interesting than the lack of camaraderie displayed in 'Malaysian Beauties'.  The collective mess of contrasting colours symbolises a common gender, but the different hues of polka dots and flower motifs, indicates an individualistic material preference.

Malaysian Beauties (2013)

A self-serving disposition has always prevailed in Bee Ling's works, and here it is encapsulated perfectly in the claret and azure streaks within 'Practical Day'.  Harmonisation of primary colours are seen in 'Captivating Beauty', where a more prominent scumbling technique is applied, to express an inherent vigour that binds the mother and her child.  The sprinkle of glitter adds a sparkling texture, that accentuates this model of a successful woman.

Captivating Beauty (2013)

Exhibited also are four portraits with red figures on a blue background; The predominant colour echoes a one-dimensional femininity which made these works felt unfinished, with an exception.  'Protection' is a classical composition of the Madonna plus one, the man of her life also in her embrace.  She is engulfed in a fiery red of love, the tenderness within illustrated in guava pink, and unmellow yellow marking a joyful optimism.  The colour psychology lesson continues, with a cadet grey background that anchors the portrait in an urban setting, and the irregular blocks of baby blue linking the gazes of this happy family together.  I guess that the artist found this painting as mesmerizing as I did, since it is not for sale.

Protection (2013)

'Justified' barely fits within its frame, high tension evident in the swath of blue that creates a gulf between the three figures, its green lines and raised forearms justify an unfolding human drama.  Husband Choy Chun Wei's influence seeps into the grids that permeate 'Interwoven (Love)', a tangling web of colours that masks a parental bond.  Bee Ling's dynamic expressions display an increased sophistication, in the mastery of her preferred medium.  This is one artist that will continue evolving with her personal experiences, and it is a privilege that we are allowed to bear witness to this development.

Justified (2013)