Fadilah Karim, VIII @ Segaris

The figures in Fadilah Karim's works are stuck in a perpetual state of anguish, the characters readily questioning their personal values.  Her colour palette resembles Marvin Chan, but the rendered actions seem like a technique taken from film-making, wherein a movement dissolves into its continuous motion.  These aspects combine to create a multi-dimensional painting - the perceived action demands a viewer's self-reflection, and the inanimate blocks of colour contribute to a pleasant aesthetic.

Fadilah Karim - Restless Heart (2013)

Browsing Fadilah's works in Segaris, it dawned on me that her rise to fame coincides with Chong Ai Lei, another popular figurative artist.  Ai Lei's works are pale in colour but luminous, sensual with a tinge of discontent; Contrasting nicely with Fadilah's portrayals of personal despair in pinkish hues.  Looking forward to more from these two talented individuals, and their fresh perspectives as a young woman in this generation.

Chong Ai Lei - Involuntarily / Fadilah Karim - Confuse
from Galeri Chandan's "Deceitful Truth" (2011)