The Local Aesthetic

In one of the busiest stretches of my life, I seeked out a number of quiet spots in the middle of the city, where I re-discovered a lifelong interest - Art.  Despite having spent many hours in some of the world's most famous art galleries, I knew next to nothing about the visual arts scene in Malaysia.

The first exhibition which piqued my interest was Hamidi Hadi's "Antara" at Wei-Ling Contemporary, conveniently located right next to my office block.  After visiting a number of galleries around town over the past few months, Hamidi remains my favourite Malaysian artist, whose work is also my first ever purchase of a contemporary art work.

The second event that sparked me to go on a KL art gallery visiting run, was the release of the Narratives in Malaysia series, which gave me a good introduction to Malaysian visual arts.  Highly recommended for an entry-level introduction to Malaysian art and its history.

A higher aspiration is that by recording my thoughts on certain artwork here, that it can continue to help me reflect on my own values, and the reasons behind my preferred aesthetic.

Hamidi Hadi - How Amazing If I Could Fly (2011)