10 April 2018

KL Biennale (VI): YouTube Vlogs

While KL Biennale organizers were lackadaisical in managing its website and social media platforms – the person responsible for reviewing (not posting) each post should be held accountable – the web content posted by the public presents more care. A hat tip to each of these YouTube channel users (perhaps offering also an insight into what the public is interested in):

‘KL Biennale at the National art gallery’ by BulanLifestyle, published on 12th December 2017

‘#JujueVlogs 🎥 KL Biennale 2017’ by Zulaika Shamin, published on 16th December 2017

‘KL BIENNALE 2017’ by Nur Izz Damia, published on 29th December 2017

‘KL Biennale 2017 || VLOG - 27/12/2017’ by anis sofea, published on 30th December 2017

‘KL #3 | KL Biennale 17'/18'’ by Liaaa, published on 17th January 2018

‘WeekendVlog: KL Biennale 2017’ by syahira rose, published on 22nd January 2018

‘KL Biennale 2018’ by Han Hanan, published on 2nd February 2018

‘KL Biennale’ by meelasia, published on 9th February 2018

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