5/16 Musings about Negaraku @ NAG

Most exhibits in “Negaraku” are culled from the National Collection, except for a small number that are loaned from local collectors. Institutional curatorial selections involving private collections in a loosely-curated group exhibition, should always be questioned. A successful example of such collaboration is the Ismail Hashim photograph ‘The Pool Table and the Painting on the Wall’, which giant painting referenced (by A.J. Rahman?) is also shown, together with Redza Piyadasa’s deconstruction ‘The Great Malaysian Landscape’. As noted in a Fergana Art Facebook post, Ismail’s snapshot is taken in the saloon bar of the former KL Railway Station, close by the former National Gallery, and probably a former popular hangout with artists. Inspiration can be propagated in many ways, and it is this creative possibility inferred in this three works together, that make this installation memorable.

Installation snapshot