3/16 Musings about Negaraku @ NAG

Cecil Rajendra once commented on Lee Kian Seng’s ‘Of ' Image, Object, Illusion ' – Off Series Mechanism’: “…It is loaded with symbolism that teases and invites the viewer to interpretations. Why is the flag reversed? What does the cockroach on the top right of the painting mean? Does it augur ill for our future? It is also a beautifully composed picture that achieves an almost perfect balance between subject matter and media..." While the artist’s displeasure with Balai for exhibiting his works wrongly is well known, it is perplexing how they got it wrong again, including the artwork title on the wall placard. One student noticed that the lighting is wrong (my observation: is the real flag hung too low?), as there is no shadow reflected onto the floor. If the presentation of art is the responsibility of the curators, then this one is also on them.

Installation snapshot of Lee Kian Seng – ‘Of ' Image, Object, Illusion ' – Off Series Mechanism’ (1977)