It's Still Life @ The Print Room

Expounded brilliantly in the exhibition introduction, "It's Still Life" "breaks away from the documentary approach... and ventures into the more technically-demanding world of still life photography." Quoting another line, "the often-cited test of still life photography is that you can't just take a picture - you have to make it." A number of the photographers struggle mightily, isolating plain objects in black & white or forcefully fabricating ineffective effects. Farah Azizan displays abundant skill in composition where an assemblage of natural textures creates luscious pictures, utilising unexpected objects such as candle wax and chicken feet. Colourful backgrounds are utilised to set off subversive objects in Paul Gadd's works, its prettiness concealing an uneasy and personal presentation.

Farah Azizan - Birds of A Feather... Together #2 (2013)

Dolls become captivating subjects for two photographers with different approaches. Alex Chan explores the ethics of eroticism through voyeuristic lens, staging scenes bordering pretension as he practices self-censorship. Breaking imaginary boundaries, Linda Chin's interrogation of sexual baggage via dolls and condoms, mark her works as the outstanding series in this exhibition. The naked female body and Barbie's unrealistic proportions are juxtaposed to pose an incisive comment about a moral propaganda. Outfitting the figurines with contraceptive latex, transcends perceptions of immodesty to reveal uninhibited concerns. Clear posturing and faded backgrounds keep each picture interesting, while a strong grasp of lighting and motion capture delineate a master in the making.

Linda Chin - Rubber Rubber #5 (2013)