Gema Hati @ Balai Berita NSTP

Former Anak Alam members Mazlan Noor and Hassan Majid get together to exhibit different dispositions, their works poorly hung in an alternate manner that severely impairs proper appreciation of either artists' works. Hassan's paintings initially grab attention with their distorted faces and phantom silhouettes, strangely triggering my imagination of how Cheong Lai Tong may have drawn Avatar characters in the midst of morphing ala Matrix Reloaded. When the medium is pared down to simply pen and ink, like in 'Di Bawah Terik Mentari', spectral portrayals dissolve within a well-drawn darkness. Few rounds around the exhibits later, the viewer starts to become enchanted by Along's concentric circles, its serenity punctuated by dots in Takashi Murakami colours. Poems accompany these works by the long-time Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka book cover designer, whose humility many praise in the exhibition catalogue addendum.

Mazlan Noor - Bulatan dan Titik Taharah (2012)

Along's typical presentation shows two landscape drawings aligned vertically, its framed gap acting as a blank space that superbly contributes to the joining of line and shape. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical motifs are equally appealing, where overlapping circles convey pictures pregnant with meaning. A short viewing yielded interpretations such as magnified raindrops or an interlaced timelessness, its Malay colours augmenting a quiet confidence exhibited by the artist. When a third panel is included into the middle of two drawings, visual balance is maintained via coloured dots and arabesque patterns, depicting an adventurous diversion within the same picture frame. Siti Zainon Ismail quotes, “Along’s spiritual energy is strong. I am the writer but he, as the illustrator, suggests the ideas and comes up with the designs. He has an immense love of God.” Circles express his world view - lines meet, but it ultimately return to the beginning.

Hassan Majid - Di Bawah Terik Mentari (2013)

"Suatu hari... Aku tersedar, Berada diruang baru, Terlalu asing
Tiada lagi angin menyilang, Tidak dengar ombak yang pulang
Tidak lihat burung melayang, Tidak nampak kerlipan bintang
Mengharap pula bulan yang terang, Mencari matahari yang hilang
Tiada lagi sahabat yang datang, Tiada lagi keluarga tersayang
Rupanya aku kini... Berada didalam ruang, Yang ada persoalan
Yang ada pertanyaan, Yang perlu ada bekalan, Yang perlu ada jawapan
Akhirnya... Aku mengerti dan pasti, Tidak dapat kembali
Pada ruang lama, Yang sudah aku tinggalkan...
Astaghfirullah Wa Atubu Ilaih"
- Ruang Baru, Mazlan Noor @ Along (4 November 2013, 3 pagi)

Mazlan Noor - Garis dan Lingkaran Wehdah (2013)