End of the Line @ Kedai Bikin Pop-Up

This progressive exhibition displays architectural drawings, extending the phenomena of appreciating such drafts last seen at the Royal Academy of Arts. Human progress is restated in functional lines, deviating from the natural contours that art typically espouses. Straight rules define multiple layers of space, from concept to plan to cross-sectional detail, cumulatively depicting dimensions that extend beyond the flat surface. Muhammad Muhsin's quirky dissection of an April Fools' news (swimming fishes generate electricity), are presented earnestly and employs dramatic forms. The sketchbooks of Syukri Syairi and pencilled notes by Farah Azizan, exhibit pragmatic innovation in progress. Art is emotive as compared to these analytical drawings, but that should not prevent oneself from appreciating its beautiful aesthetic, especially in this utilitarian world we live in.

Muhammad Muhsin - The System of Myth: Retreat for Gavin Roach's Cult; (from left to right) plan view, sectional view, isometric view