Measuring Love @ Wei-Ling Contemporary

Force-fitting an exhibition title, or curious theme to begin with? Common traits observed across this collection include vast airy spaces, the colour pink, and material objects - are these Love's characteristics? Cheong Kiet Cheng's husband-and-wife wonderland and Ruzzeki Harris' baby scans, proclaim romantic and fatherly love respectively. Respectful yet simmering with tension, is apparent in Sean Lean's portrait of his father, where the sitter's frank pose is over-painted with broad white strokes. Delphine Gomez's collages depict a yearning for European life, its soaring verticality crystallising a nostalgia that comes across as more personal, than the mishmash of black stencilled objects in Anisa Abdullah's collage. Perhaps love is measured in its most primitive approach, as depicted by Cheng Yen Pheng with unwavering panache, where a feminist undertone lie beneath her work's erotic forms.

Cheng Yen Pheng - Airball no. 14 - The Unbearable Lightness of Being  (2013)