Collective of Young Malaysia Contemporary Artists @ Core Design Gallery

On display are works from the gallery's previous exhibition, "Zaman Batu Kontemporari", a diverse collection of visually interesting, occasionally irrelevant, and ultimately incoherent art works.  However, that does not take away the amazing details one can observe if one looks harder.  Azli Wahid's illustrations of rock & ground are powerful, but the artist goes further with the environmental message in 'Gerhana Duka Sangkakala'.  Planet Earth is recreated with rubbish and miniature display models, emphasising the sorry state of affairs that our consumerism leads to.

Location at Gallery porch; Surface details: Azli Wahid - Gerhana Duka Sangkakala (2012) 

Haafiz Shahimi experiments heavily with multiple mediums across his paintings, none as successful as the metallic fishes burnt into 'Kembali Bernafas'.  Two layers of canvas are overlaid with enamel spray paint depicting a mermaid, where carved metal blocks of fishes are then burnt into the canvas.  A beautiful work that employs a revolutionary technique similar to pyrography, the fact that this work is still available indicates the conservative nature of Malaysian art purchases.  Exhibited together with works like Ali Bebit's household-metal-objects sculpture, this delightful collection brings to bear the question of what is contemporary in the local visual arts scene.

Top: Haafiz Shahimi - Kembali Bernafas (2012)
Bottom: Close up details of burnt fishes with metallic bars