Permanent Collection @ Universiti Malaya Art Gallery (UMAG)

It is with shock when one hears of news that an Ibrahim Hussein mural was painted over with lime paint, but thankfully the university has taken restorative actions, while continuing to invest in Malaysian art.  A cosy gallery with good lighting, visitors to UMAG are greeted through a small doorway into the collection, where significant pieces by Ib, MF Husain, Suzlee Ibrahim, and Latiff Mohidin are on display.

Awang Damit Ahmad - Iraga (Dari Jendela Ini) (2007)

Awang Damit Ahmad's 'Iraga' stares out to the viewer with a nasty gnarl, its nightmarish palette and powerful lines make for a startling impression.  At both ends of the gallery hang giant canvases by Zulkifli Yusoff, his patriotic sympathies beautifully drawn out within monochrome spaces.  With 4 mid-career artists in residence currently, including the likes of Juhari Said and Maamor Jantan, the university is taking all the right steps towards establishing itself, as a champion of the visual arts among other local institutions.

Zulkifli Yusoff - Permintaan Parajurit (2010)