Snippets: 2H 2012

I took this picture at Pasar Seni after watching Banksy's 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'.  The isolation and youthful discontent in the boy's face, is a cautious reflection of our times.

From NVAG's "Tiga Sezaman" exhibition, this depiction of siblings having durian, is reminiscent of past masters depicting home life with a tinge of melancholy.

Hamidah Suhaimi - Menjamu Selera

Metallic sculptures of twisting figures and food by Zainudin Hazir, coupled with the gluttony  in Adeputra Masri's painting in the background, make for a squeamish experience exhibited at NVAG's recent acquisitions.

Zainudin Hazir - Makan (2009)

Having always been fascinated with the store decoration in Tang's, I was delighted to come across this installation which can already be elevated to "Art" status.  The composition of painted wooden clothes pegs glued into the shape of a ribbon, celebrates a joyful pairing of femininity and fashion.