Snippets: 1H 2012

Got hold of it in 2012 (and subsequently gave away as a birthday present) - a Pudu map done by the artists collective that was recently active around Jalan Sultan.  They did a similar map for the Petaling Street area, but I prefer this one as it has more historical jottings.  The accompanying sketches of the window sill, frame, and grille designs, are a wonderful way to preserve cultural heritage, as we face the looming reality of "re-development".

Spotted this shop in my only time visiting Viva Home Mall - Kraftee Bee lets the customer decorate items with mosaic tiles.  Hung beside the counter is this amazing (albeit poor quality snapshot below) A3-sized replica of Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers', which the owner claimed to be a work of a student, and that he was willing to part with it for RM 1,200.  I said no, but I will be visiting the shop in the future if I have kids...

Took our pre-wedding photos at Sekeping Tenggiri, a refurbished back-to-nature space right next to Ng Sek San's art repository.  The room we stayed in had a beautiful red & yellow figurative painting, which I have no idea who the artist is.  To those who knows, appreciate yourself to enlighten me.

I was lucky enough to be staying very near to the best expresso-based coffee place in KL, Artisan Roast Coffee TTDI.  These drawings hung above the counter and one day I finally got to meet the artist Raja Azeem, whom is also a coffee junkie, and he showed me some great sketches which you can see on his FB page.