12 April 2013

Compilation of Ilse Noor Works from 1992-97 @ Art Accent

One cannot talk about printmaking in Malaysia without the mention of Ilse Noor's etchings, and this exhibition presents an opportunity to appreciate her works that are neither buildings or fantastical shapes.  Broken eggshells and folded papers are still-life centrepieces, subjected to aqua-tinting with 2 or 3 plates of colour.  The clean lines and tonal gradations of this series, display a disciplined approach that is beautiful in its clarity.

Susunan (1994)

A couple of original drawings stand out with its simplicity, indicating the maturity of its creator, and her determination to convert these drawings onto a metal plate.  A lovely insight into Ilse's creative methods, but potential buyers should take note of the editions on sale.

Perpisahan (1995) - Original colour pencil; Etching & aquatint

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