31 January 2013

Essence, Element & New Drawings @ TJ Fine Arts

Pleasantly serene SoHo unit occupied by the prolific Tajuddin Ismail, showcased works by 3 of his former students.  TJ was kind enough to show me around his studio and some of his works - I thought the circular pieces were something special and a tribute to classical art, although a bit pricey.

Tajuddin Ismail - Synergy: Unity & Diversity (2007)

Wong Siew Lee's "Wind" series successfully convey the feelings of airiness, lightness, and quickness of its theme.  The colours are controlled despite the swirls, and the slushes of white complete each drawing, especially apparent in the lovely triptych 'Wind over the Horizon'.

Wong Siew Lee - Wind over the Horizon (2012)

Chor Shyminn's unique use of thread as an illustration medium was interesting, but I was particularly drawn to 'Recurring Dream (I)'.  Doodles of a hooded figure and the painting's background, united by different shades & strokes of blue, portray a dilemma that seemed deeply personal - a self-serving question that is exhilarating in its search but looping without an end in sight.  Fine little exhibition and hope these ladies will continue drawing!

Chor Shyminn - Recurring Dream I (2012)

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